From Scriptmaking to Editing: How to Present a Protagonist with Empathy?

Indonesia Distanced Stories 2020

Indonesia Distanced Stories is an intensive creative filmmaking workshop by In-Docs, in collaboration with Scottish Documentary Institute, and British Council Indonesia. The outcome of this program seeks to present minority issues through short documentary films about transgender women (Baby Girl), the daily life of disabled families (Falhan’s Love), teacher & housewive (Teacher), ageism and development (Karsih), female farmers (Green Fingers Club), and a young artist with Asperger’s (Scene from the Unseen).

During the filming, participants must try to present the protagonist as a human being with the complexities of life they faced. On our interview with the participants of Indonesia Distanced Stories 2020, we discovered something inspiring: empathy is needed not only in the shooting process but also in the editing process.

Check out our interviews with the filmmakers below, to reveal the creative process of making their films.

This article includes two topics: disabilities & ageism issues; and gender issues.

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