Our Team

Finance Officer

Graduated from Business Administration major, Ade has more than 7 years of experience working in finance in various non-profit organisations. She has been involved in several projects with national and international donors.

Ade is also interested to explore social and cultural issues through documentary films, which drove her to join In-Docs.

Programme Manager

Obe joined In-Docs in 2018. Starting his post as Programme Officer, he was mainly involved in Docs By The Sea and School of Seeing to manage the participants and coordinated all technical stuff. In the beginning of 2021, he was appointed as Programme Manager, in charge of managing Good Pitch and workshops for Indonesian filmmakers.

Graduated in Engineering Physics, Obe finds joy in curating, programming, and managing various film festivals, as well as getting involved in film communities. His passion in film grew when he joined the college cineclub, Liga Film Mahasiswa, in his campus, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), where he has been involved in various film festivals.

Azalia Syahputri
Programme Officer
Azel joined In-Docs in 2022 as Programme Officer and is now working on VITAMIN, School of Seeing, and Screen Docs. Before working with In-Docs, she was involved in Festival Film Dokumenter and Minikino, and finds excitement within doing so. Currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Indonesia Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta), she always loves the experience of never-ending learning and contributing within arts communities. 
With her multidisciplinary experiences ranging from visual media production and arts management, she seeks to maximise documentary impact in Indonesia, to be more organic, inclusive, and open-for-all.
Office Specialist

As Office Specialist, Dwi manages In-Docs’ operational tasks and day-to-day activities. Prior to her current appointment, she supported In-Docs administrative team during the period of 2013-2015. She loved the energy brought by the In-Docs’ participants and meeting new people, so she rejoined the organisation in 2019.

Dwi has a solid 8-year experience in operational cash services with Citibank before spending six years as a Financial Manager for Salto Films, a production house that produced blockbuster films like Garuda di Dadaku and award-winning arthouse cinemas like Pasir Berbisik and The Photograph. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universitas Bhayangkara.

Gugi Gumilang
Executive Director

Gugi is currently based in Jakarta and Berlin, where he has performed several roles with In-Docs since 2012. It wasn’t until 2020 that he was appointed Executive Director. Moreover, the Documentary of Association of Europe (DAE) has elected him to its Executive Board since 2022. 

Gugi‘s professional interests revolve primarily around film projects that have a social impact. His work includes mentoring/consulting on projects and impact campaign strategies. He has also often delivered talks about equitable international co-production practices.

In addition, Gugi has been involved as a guest programmer, selection committee and jury member for numerous reputable regional and international film festivals and film funds. The following are among them: International Documentary Association (IDA), Purin Pictures, DOK Leipzig, Sunny Side of the Doc, Cannes Docs, IDFA Forum, RIDM, CPH:DOX, Points North Institute etc.

Hasta Trida
Programme Officer

Tata joined In-Docs in 2021, hoping to connect documentary films with multiple collaborators to spark meaningful conversations, activate civic spaces, and inspire social changes. She is currently working on VITAMIN, Good Pitch, and School of Seeing. 

Tata volunteers her time as a Programme Manager for Bastra ID, a community aims to nurture students’ social and emotional skills through art and literature programmes.

Kania Mamonto
Outreach Specialist

Kania Mamonto joined In-Docs in November 2021 as a part-time Outreach Specialist. After graduating from Department of International Relations at Parahyangan Catholic University, she started working for human rights NGOs, focused on Human Rights Education. Since then, she has been documenting the narrative of victims of human rights violations and community organizing.

For that reason, Kania is very passionate about vibrant human rights education, one of which is through documentary films.

Klara Virencia
Communication Officer

Joining In-Docs as the Communication Officer in 2022, Klara is looking to enhance the presence of documentary films in the daily talks of social issues. In her arsenal are experiences of cross-sector reporting, academic training as a journalist, and a penchant for visual storytelling.

After working with the NGO, the private sector, and the government, Klara found passion in retelling niche stories towards wider audience. She is pursuing a Master in Anthropology on the side.

Mazda Radita
Programme Officer

Mazda has been involved in several In-Docs programmes before joining in 2023 as Programme Officer. Previously, Mazda was engaged as a Project Officer for Docs by the Sea 2019, a Programme Officer for Vitamin at the end of 2020, and an Impact Distributor for Lagu untuk Anakku. Mazda has been active in film since 2012 as a film exhibitor.

Mazda was involved in various film festivals and communities, such as Festival Film Solo, Festival Film Merdeka, Kine Klub FISIP UNS, Sinemain Solo, and Kwitang14. Apart from In-Docs, Mazda is currently volunteering as a programmer for the Forum Film Anak.

Mia Indreswari
Finance Manager

Mia has performed various roles in In-Docs for more than 7 years. She started as a Programme Assistant organising In-Docs’ early workshops for high school students. Among those participants now have become prominent directors and producers in Indonesia. She was also in charge of In-Docs’ film library and database as well as Kickstart! Documentary workshop in Padang and Kupang.

Mia graduated from University of Indonesia with a Bachelor’s degree in communications. Mia loves the teamwork in In-Docs, which still remains strong despite many changes that have occurred in the organisation. She also enjoys the opportunity to grow and learn many new things along the way.

Natalie Valentine
Programme Officer

Valentine (V) has been actively assisting Asian documentary filmmakers through Docs by the Sea as a Program officer since 2022. Apart from that, V develops an exhibition program for the Color For Good Youth Film Club. This initiative focuses on creating creative learning materials to nurture the creative abilities of young individuals through film.

In between the mentioned involvements, V too produces independent short fiction that explores and captures the essence of interpersonal alienation and complex emotions.

Yudistira Dilianzia
Programme Manager

Yuda joined In-Docs in 2021 as Programme Manager of VITAMIN. He seeks to reimagine how documentary films are shared and enjoyed in the classrooms across Indonesia.

Yuda’s skills in filmmaking are juxtaposed on the intersection of artistic, journalism, and commercial films. After studying fine arts in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Yuda embarked on a curatorial project translating Indonesian literature into a visual form, and later delved into a marketing venture. His interest in documentary films grew as he joined VICE Indonesia as a video producer. His past experiences also include producing videos and documentaries for various channels within Southeast Asia.

Zakiah (Kiki)
Deputy Director

Kiki, with a background in Indonesian cultural organisations spanning over a decade, is an integral part of the program team and oversees operations at In-Docs. Her experience includes co-founding Minikino—an organisation dedicated to short films in Bali, organising the Jakarta International Film Festival, and establishing a digital film preservation facility in Jakarta. Kiki’s expertise extends to participating in panels and delivering talks on film archiving within film communities, universities, and governmental bodies. Presently, Kiki is involved in supervising the 2nd edition of Good Pitch Indonesia, scheduled for 2024.

Beyond her professional commitments, she volunteers her time to Setiap Hari 1965, a collective devoted to preserving the narratives of the 1965 atrocities in Indonesia, ensuring these stories remain a vibrant and ongoing memorial.