School of Seeing


School of Seeing offers a unique workshop of documentary film analysis, focusing on the artistic and cinematic perspectives. This programme is open to everyone, whether you are new to documentary films, already a filmmaker, a teacher, a programmer, or a critic.

How does it work?

Selected participants will watch, analyse, and discuss a number of documentaries of various topics from various countries around the world. For the past two editions, we have curated the documentaries with Lisabona Rahman.

The participants will be led by mentors who will respond to their reviews and moderate the discussions. The discussions will focus on the relationship between the ideas and impressions that the audience capture through camera or editing techniques. Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu and Anggraeni Widhiasih have been our discussion mentors for the two editions of SOS.

Experienced filmmakers will also join as guest speakers. They will share their perspectives on ethical considerations and production challenges that affect the film outcome. Sebastian Winkels, Dwi Nugraheni, Greg Arya, Mahardika Yuda, Aryo Danusiri, Amerta Kusuma, and Aline Jusria are some of the filmmakers that have been involved in SOS.

Check out the previous editions of SOS below.

Watch the highlight video of School of Seeing 2021 to see the vibes!

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Credit Highlight Video of SOS 2021 

Over the Limit (C) 2018 Film Movement
Like the Others (C) 2016 OneWorldRO
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (C) 2011 kinolorber
Please Vote for Me (C) 2020 THE WHY
Meanwhile in Mamelodi (C) 2012 B. F. 

Lagoa v2 by Kevin MacLeod (License)