You have just finished watching a Netflix movie or series—in your living room, on-screen, or on a community online screening. The moderator or the friend next to you asks the scariest question of all time: How was the film? A lot of words running around in your head, but how to articulate them? Time passes, the moderator asks you for the second time. Shuddering, you can only answer: “Very good”, “I love it!”

Though, that’s not what you want to say. You want to talk about a scene that makes you angry or moved. You want to express how spot-on that scene is based on your experience, you want to ask the other viewers’ opinions or feelings. Well, everyone experienced the situation, even the experienced filmmakers.

Then, VOILA is suitable for you who are willing to learn how to interpret film and express your opinion, either as a viewer or a film curator for your family.

In VOILA, you will step by step learn how to interpret films, especially documentaries, and build your responses in a structured manner.

We are also open if your community is interested in becoming a film screening organiser, programmer, or moderator. In VOILA, you can:

  • Improve the quality of documentary film discussions in your community,
  • Learn to connect and discuss social issues through documentaries, to
  • Direct the discussion to a specific call to action

Are you interested in hosting VOILA for your community?