Open Table

The Lab & Pitching Forum programs in Indonesia and Southeast Asia are getting bigger. However, the competition between filmmakers is getting tougher. Each platform wants the best projects. Open Table is another forum for In-Docs to facilitate consultation for documentary filmmakers who have never participated in a lab or forum.  The storytelling style and perspectives of the projects will be sharpened. The proposal preparation and pitch will also be forged. We hope there will always be new filmmakers from Indonesia who are ready to collaborate internationally and join every lab and documentary forum in the future.

The first edition of Open Table was held in 2021 and was attended by eight documentary projects from Aceh, Jakarta, Kupang, to Papua. They were:

  1. Choice for Choose (Vena Besta Klaudina)
  2. End of the Tunnel (Garry Christian & Clarissa Anastasia)
  3. Heli Onij/Pemanjat Madu (James Natbais, Yedi Letedara & Irwan Sebleku)
  4. Kembali ke Waropen (Yulika Anastasia Indrawati)
  5. Mahesa Sura (Daniel Gilrandi, Albertus Julianto & Karen Danissa)
  6. Nyawoung (Arziqi Mahlil)
  7. Prison Komedi (M. Ilham Murda)
  8. Pulang dari Den Haag (Armin Septiexan & Manuel Alberto Maia)


These projects were recommended by Aceh Documentary, Kupang Film Community (KFK), Asia Doc, Rumata Artspace, and University of Multimedia Nusantara (UMN).

Representatives from the organizations/institutions above also became mentors: Amerta Kusuma (Asia Doc), Akbar Rafsanjani (Aceh Doc), Ari Dina Krestiawan (UMN), Bisma Santabudi (UMN), Obe Wida (In-Docs), Rachmat Mustamine (Rumata), and Rafael Beding (KFK). The eight projects were also mentored by Mikael Opstrup as Development Advisor of In-Docs in 3 meeting sessions that took place from April to October 2021.
Check out the reflection of OT21 participants during the program.

Arziqi Mahlil, Aceh Documentary:
International mentor shares the aspects of the pitching forum, and local mentors build the realization of these aspects based on their knowledge and experience.”

Yedi Letedara, Komunitas Film Kupang:
For new filmmakers like us, Open Table opens up space to grow especially in developing ideas, and build our confidence as filmmakers.”

Armin Septiexan, Skolmus Multimedia:
Open Table helps us in processing critics and insights from local and international mentors, so we can transform them into a documentary language.”

Would you like to present your first project in an international forum? Be prepared and we will see you in the next edition of Open Table!

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