Indonesia Distanced Stories


Stories is an intensive creative filmmaking workshop initiated by Scottish Documentary Institute, and collaborated with host organisations in each country. Through Stories, filmmakers are empowered with knowledge and creative and practical tools to build a work team and process ideas creatively.


Since 2010 Stories has been running for 10 times in the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and has produced more than 40 films. Stories films are selected at international film festivals such as the Sheffield DocFest; BFI London Film Festival; IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam); Locarno Film Festival; SXSW; OpenCityDocs, London; Africa in Motion, London; Zagrebdox, Croatia; Yogyakarta Documentary Film Festival, Indonesia; Encounters Short Film Festival, UK; Beirut International Film Festival; Hot Documents, Canada.


The program is organized in collaboration with local organizations in each country. In Jakarta, Stories collaborated with the British Council and In-Docs, under the name of the Jakarta Stories.

The program includes an intensive 8–14 day workshop coupled with mentoring support. Stories are intended for 12 to 16 participants who will work in teams to create a three-minute film that offers insight into local identity through character/personal based stories. The selected participants will be divided into several teams consisting of disabled and non-disabled members. Currently, the registration is closed.

The Jakarta Stories was planned to take place during March 2020. During its journey, the Covid-19 pandemic has made the organizers change the name of Jakarta Stories to Indonesia Distanced Stories and was held from September to November 2020.

Seminars/classes and mentoring were running virtually, while documentary film production was not centered in one city, but in the cities where each participant was from. Some seminars can be accessed by the public, please visit the Indonesia Distanced Stories Webinar for more information/register yourself.

Indonesia Distanced Stories was hosted by Noé Mendelle and Anne Milne, collaborated with Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni and Ernest Hariyanto.


A total of 6 films have been produced from Indonesia Distanced Stories 2020:

  1. Baby Girl (Cunenk) | Rofie Nur Fauzie, Mohamad Sulaeman
    Cunenk grew up as a girl trapped in a boy’s body. She could not wait to leave her village and become a performer. She is very happy and respected within her new community but, once in a while, she steps back in her male clothes in order to fundraise for the local maternity hospital in memory of her mother.
  2. Falhan’s Love (Cinta Falhan) | Mohammad Ismail, Fr. Sales Magastowo
    Untung and Nesti love their 6 year old unconditionally despite his severe autism. Their daily family life is a challenge when both parents are disabled yet the love and encouragement flowing from them is a life affirming story.
  3. Green Fingers Club (Kelompok Wanita Tani) | Anita Reza Zein
    A collaboration between Woman Farmer Group and an Artist who see inequality of food distribution, so they create photography mapping that hopefully can connect city-village, especially on food sources and distribution.
  4. Karsih | Helga Theresia, Fajrian
    Karsih finds herself at the end of her life having to work as a street cleaner in order to support her extended family. To add insult to injury, her cleaning job is across the street from where she and her neighbours were dispossessed of their homes and land. But humour and love never leave her.
  5. Scene from the Unseen (Merupa) | Ary Aristo
    Ferdiandra Putra is a talented art student whose internal world is busy with creative possibilities. He may struggle sleeping, but his daydreaming leads him into creating mythical characters and objects. Over the years, with the love of his parents, he learnt to find coping mechanisms to deal with his Asperger’s. Now, he is busy preparing his first solo art exhibition.
  6. Teacher (Ibu Guru) | Lies Nanci Supangkat, Mochamad Arbani
    All mothers around the globe experience the pandemic with the same anxiety: juggling working from home with home schooling and family demands. Silvia Novani in Bandung is no different. She teaches all day online, only to return home to look after her children, husband and parents and, despite all those sacrifices, it is her male colleagues who get the promotions.


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