Lies Nanci Supangkat, Mochamad Arbani (Ryo)
20 minutes


All mothers around the globe experience the pandemic with the same anxiety: juggling working from home with homeschooling and family demands. Silvia Novani in Bandung is no different. She teaches all day online, only to return home to look after her children, husband, and parents and, despite all those sacrifices, her male colleagues get the promotions.

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A story about a teacher Silviani, who is also a mother of two. She is struggling. The load she carries as a wife, mom, employee, daughter, friend, cook, housekeeper, driver, nurse, activities coordinator, judge, warden, referee, hairdresser, manager, etc., is usually more than she can bear. But, the husband can’t fix it. She knows he wants to. She knows he thinks that if he takes a few of these balls to juggle, she will be okay. But she won’t. Because it’s not the balls that are the problem, it’s much deeper than that. Her load is not just a list of chores, responsibilities, and jobs. It’s mental: the things she needs to remember, the fears she has, the dreams she dreams. It has cluttered her brain. She knows he doesn’t understand, but it is normal.

In her career, Vivi feels stuck. We follow her as she joins the performance evaluation conducted by the headmaster. The result impacts her salary. But the scoring system is not clear and transparent. The pay raise is not significant nor immediate, and to make it worse the teacher could only enjoy the pay raise five years later. She’s curious about why her single colleague’s career is brighter than hers even though their workload is the same. Married females receive lower salaries than non-married females due to stereotyping. She’s been refusing the job that required extra time away because of caregiving. The science Olympics is held every year, the husband always on it, and his career is rocking fast.

Vivi is still holding on because she needs the money and she doesn’t have a choice. She’s grateful because she still has a job while many other schools lay off their teacher without severance pay. And, though pushing through is the hardest thing she has ever done, it is worth it. For her. For their family.


Indonesia Distanced Stories 2020


Special Screening
KAUM Festival, Berlin
Official Selection - Guest Programmes
Minikino Film Week 7
Official Selection - Guest Programmes
Aesthetica Short Film Festival


Lies Nanci Supangkat
After finishing her filmmaking study at New York Film Academy, USA, Nanci made several short films focusing on women such as The Shutter of Death, Phantom Memories, Bride’s Slave, Marriage Matrix, and a documentary for Indonesia Care for Cancer Kids Foundation. She wants to keep telling stories of an empowered female character, who is constantly forced to fit into an ideal image set by society.
Mochamad Arbani
Ryo is a freelance videographer and filmmaker focusing on traveling and making documentaries. His passion is meeting new people, especially local people, and making films about them. When he was a student at the Television and Film Department, Padjadjaran University, Ryo joined the cinematography club and was involved in fictional filmmaking. Then he explored in making his first documentaries entitled Sugih Tanpo Bondo and Bangsring Rising. Ryo often uses the run and gun style and prefers natural performance in his films. It makes him feel involved in two things at once: during the filming process and also being able to feel what the subject is feeling.

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