A Sonorous Melody

Riani Singgih
24 minutes


As a deaf individual in Indonesia, Mufi was taught to speak instead of sign. As an adult, now she carves her music career to inspire others to express themselves through sign language.

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Project Background

Deafness is often perceived as a deficiency. Deaf children grow up under the pressure to adapt to the hearing world, but not vice versa. For example, Deaf students are taught to read lip movements, while Hearing students rarely receive sign language education. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, there are 2.5 million Deaf people who actively use sign language. Because of this condition, there is minimal access and opportunity created for them.

Mufi, as a Deaf artist, really wants the world to understand Deaf culture. For Mufi, art and music serve as a bridge to self-expression. Mufi’s love for art enables her to fearlessly express herself through writing, gestures, dance, and music. This film follows Mufi’s music concert performance as a Deaf artist, documenting her songwriting process, the obstacles and mindset gap she encountered in school, and the significant role of family support in her journey.

Inspired by Mufi’s spirit and experiences, this film aims to amplify the expressions of Deaf people in Indonesia through various inclusive initiatives – starting with promoting sign language as an effective communication method and the first gateway to a deeper understanding of Deaf culture.

Impact Goal

We aim to create an inclusive social & artistic environment through:


a movement promoting the use of sign language on five islands in Indonesia, both cities and villages. Specifically, we want to encourage sustainability collaboration between the Deaf community and the Hearing people.

Impact Distribution Strategy

#BerdayaBudaya will integrate the film screening with various supporting activities tailored to the needs of Deaf and Hearing audiences.

Deaf People will lead an active role in the collaboration after they:
+ believe in self-confidence and self-potential
+ accept sign language as the mother language
+ able to advocate for Deaf accessibility

Hearing People will want to collaborate with Deaf people after they:
+ understand Deaf culture
+ understand the role and position of Sign Language Interpreters
+ are willing to provide Deaf accessibility


Riani Singgih
Annisa Adjam
Mohammad Ismail
Impact Producer
Sinta Nainggolan
Impact Producer
Hasna Mufidah
Impact Producer

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