The Flame

Arfan Sabran
76 minutes
In Distribution


In 1996, one million hectares of Borneo’s forest was destroyed for Mega Rice Project. The large-scale government project aims to convert Borneo’s rainforest into agricultural crop land. Iber Djamal (77) was part of the indigenous communities who opposed this project unsuccessfully. But now, with the expansion of palm oil plantations, indigenous Dayak people like him are asked to sign an agreement for the companies to further encroach their forest. Although his children encourage him to go with the flow, Iber Djamal insists on pursuing the only legal way to protect the forest by obtaining a legal customary forest title for the remaining forest in his area.

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The impact campaign of The Flame seeks to increase public awareness of the dangers and impacts of deforestation in Indonesia and encourage policymakers to create environmental protection strategies that are more integrated and effective in protecting forests.

Impact campaign of The Flame secured 82 articles equivalent to IDR 4,788,794,000 in PR value after disseminated press releases to more than 50 prominent media outlets, amplifying attention by individually pitching to journalists and media outlets, and held several activities to introduce The Flame.


Good Pitch Indonesia 2019


Premiered at Latitude Section
Visions du Réel
Asian Competition
DMZ Docs
Nominee - Best Documentary Film
Festival Film Indonesia


Arfan Sabran
Arfan Sabran’s endeavours in documentary filmmaking began when he entered the Eagle Awards, the biggest documentary competition in Indonesia held by a prominent TV Station, Metro TV, in 2006. His first short documentary, Suster Apung (Floating Nurse), won three awards in the competition for Best Cinematography, Favourite Film, and Best Film. Arfan is currently a program manager for Rumah Ide, a film community in Makassar, Indonesia that actively seeks to develop the film industry in eastern Indonesia. He also made some documentaries for NGOs and became a line producer in some international documentary co-productions. The Flame is his first feature-length documentary.
Gita Fara
Gita Fara started her filmmaking career back in the university days as an assistant editor for Opera Jawa and Serambi, two films made by the renowned Indonesian director Garin Nugroho. Later she was selected as one of the Asian producers to participate in Europe’s EAVE Ties That Binds Co-Production Workshop, and also Berlinale-Tokyo Talents Campus 2016. Besides that, Gita has produced several short films and two feature films that have been widely screened in the international film festival circuit. Her latest feature, The Seen and Unseen by Kamila Andini won numerous international awards, from Berlinale’s Grand Prix Awards for Generation Kplus to Tokyo Filmex.

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