Riani Singgih
15 minutes


After being dishonorably discharged as a police officer because of his sexual orientation, Teguh and his partner continued to seek justice.

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Project Background
Minority groups in Indonesia also often experience discrimination by various majority groups who consider the existence of these minority groups as a threat to their survival. Different minority groups experienced this discrimination. In Teguh’s case, what should have been his right to privacy was publicly exposed and used as material for discrimination, which became the initial basis for Teguh’s dismissal from his job.

However, unfortunately, the Teguh case is not the only case of discrimination against minorities that has occurred in the professional sphere in Indonesia. Therefore, through the distribution of the impact of this film, we hope that we can change the perception of the audience and activity participants regarding the treatment of workers towards minority groups so that they are equal regardless of background.

Impact Goal
We want workers to unite to fight discrimination in the professional realm. The impact distribution targets industrial cities in Java and outside Java, Indonesia. We aim for college students and workers to understand and unite to fight for their rights included in Equal Employment Opportunity & 10th point of SDGs: reducing inequalities.

Impact Distribution Strategy
The impact distribution will occur within two years in industrial cities in Java and outside Java, such as the Jabodetabek area, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Denpasar. Specifically targeted to:

College students, so they understand the Equal Employment Opportunities and Worker Rights, also identify their actions in the future regarding worker rights and equality in the workplace.

Workers can role-play the workplace discrimination case to understand inequality and identify and develop mutual action to fight inequality in the workplace.


Good Pitch Indonesia 2024


Riani Singgih
Brahmantyo Putra
Producer & Impact Producer
Jerell Michael Cussoy
Impact Producer

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