Armin Septiexan
90 minutes
Offline Editing


Even though more than 50 years have passed, Oma Net still maintains the memory and truth of the disappearance of her father and brother in 1965. She is determined to pass on the story to her grandchildren.

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Project Background
Oma Net Markus (89) spends most of her time praying and reading the Bible. As a survivor of 1965, she was disappointed because the International People’s Tribunal (IPT) report in The Hague wrote her testimony incompletely. She was determined that her story, which had been a silent voice for so long, must be understood clearly, especially by her family. She wants to find a way to tell her story of 1965 to Mikael, one of his grandchildren.

Mikael really likes Oma Net’s Bipang. Therefore, one afternoon, Oma Net invited Mikael to eat the Bipang she made so she could share the family history with Mikael. Mikael promised to visit his grandma. Oma Net then sat her grandson down and started talking about the murder of Mikael’s great-grandfather.

However, it wasn’t the first time Mikael had heard about the story of 1965. His other grandmother told a completely different story. Mikael is caught between two versions of history told by two sides of his family. However, Oma Net is determined to clarify that her father – Mikael’s great-grandfather – is not a traitor to the nation, as many people have labeled him.

Impact Goal
Change the younger generation’s mindset to participate in siding with the survivors of 1965.


Good Pitch Indonesia 2024


Armin Septiexan
Producer, Director & Cinematographer
Boni Kolin
Etji Doek
Impact Producer
Ifana Tungga
Impact Producer

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