Living on Top of the Fault

Taufiqurrahman, Nurcholis Darmawan, Ade Nuriadin, Rizki Syafaat Urip
70 minutes
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Living on Top of the Fault consists of four films: Saya Di Sini Kau Di SanaTimbul TenggelamTanigasi, and Turun Ke Atas.

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Saya Di Sini Kau Di Sana: Crocodiles and humans must share space in the red zone or tsunami-prone zone. There, humans meet crocodiles more and more and are suspicious of one another. Some get bitten, and some are fine.

Timbul Tenggelam: A portrait of the lives of survivors in Tompe Village, which was hit by tidal floods after the 2018 disaster, told through a discussion between Sarifa (10) and her grandfather (70). So Sarifa also knew about a catastrophe that had happened long before (Tsunami Mapaga 1968).

Tanigasi: Rusdin (50) and Wardia (45) are husband and wife survivors of the 28 September 2018 disaster. Instead of lamenting their fate and waiting for help at the evacuation site, they decided to work on their abandoned garden after three days of the disaster had passed.

Turun Ke Atas: Nene Ratna (Mama Paja), an older person with Kaili blood, is a survivor of the earthquake and liquefaction on 28 September 2018. The uncertain situation at her temporary shelter made her recount the disaster and memories of the Balaroa area, one of Indonesia’s most affected liquefaction points in Palu City.

Living on Top of the Fault is a project initiated by Sinekoci. It carries participatory documentaries with four communities in Palu, Sigi, and Donggala with mitigation strategies in their respective fields responding to the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction natural disasters on 28 September 2018.

The four communities involved in the participatory project Living on Top of the Fault are Sikola Pomore, Tana Sanggamu Institute, Nemu Buku, and Forum Sudut Pandang. This participatory project is an effective medium for Sinekoci to move from the common roots of the community to revive and strengthen historical knowledge that has long been abandoned through short documentary films.

The impact distribution of Living on Top of the Fault is to encourage reflection and discussion on disaster knowledge, identify locations, threats, and potential disasters, build awareness in the community on self-preparedness, and stimulate the community to respond to disasters.

A total of 10 impact campaign roadshows have been held in eight locations spread across Palu City, Sigi, and Donggala Regencies to bring films together with the community as part of discussion and reflection on the disasters that have occurred in those areas.

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Production Company


Good Pitch Indonesia 2019


Sarah Adilah
Sarah has always had a great love for art and film. Armed with a scholarship from Multimedia Nusantara University, he was enrolled as a film school student. Sarah made her first short film, Cermin, when she was still in high school, and won many national film awards. His short documentary entitled Neraka di Telapak Kaki received a nomination as the Best Documentary Film at the Indonesian Film Festival.
Mohammad Ifdhal
Impact Producer
Currently, a student at Tadulako University, Palu, Ifdhal plays an active role in the arts community on campus. He also runs SINEKOCI, an organization that focuses on making feature films. His short film Lagundi (2017) won an award at a national short film festival. Ifdhal’s next short film, entitled Kabar dari Amal, will be presented at AKATARA 2018 and will be produced in 2019.

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