Impact: The Film Pesantren

The film Pesantren finally launch its impact campaign. The film, directed by Shalahuddin Siregar, showcases an intimate story of students living in an Islamic boarding school in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. Students in this boarding school are taught critical thinking, open and respect different opinions and uphold gender equality.

Amidst the cultural and religious backgrounds, Pesantren aims to present a more universal story, about young people who are struggling to overcome their limitation to reach their goals and dreams. The films attempts to raise awareness on the understanding of the role of religion and culture in the society, and to enhance social and personal sensitivity towards social contexts and its consequences. It also aims to encourage dialogues on tolerance, diversity, and inclusion in the society.

Those interested to organize community film screenings and discussions can contact Suryani Liauw, or visit their website at and Instagram profile @filmpesantren.