Diary of Cattle

David Darmadi, Lidia Afrilita
18 minutes
In Distribution


Diary of Cattle is the story of a 24-hour life cycle of a herd of cows that live and graze on a landfill site in indonesia.

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Every morning hundreds of cows are herded to a landfill site. They make it their home; they eat, nap, play, and mate here while having to keep themselves safe from the excavators and bulldozers that plow around the site. If not careful, a cow might lose its life here, killed by the heavy machines or trapped under tons of trash. Despite all the risks, this practice has been around for many years as their owners save the trouble of looking for pasture and instead rely on human food waste to feed them.

While some cows are lucky enough to have a barn to return to in the afternoon, some have to spend the night here because the owner lives far away from the site. Regardless, all these rubbish-eating cows will share the same destiny under the butcher’s knife.

Other Details

Production Company
Ingatan Visual


Docs By The Sea 2018, IF/Then Southeast Asia 2018


Completion Fund
IF/Then Southeast Asia
In Competition, World Premiere
Visions du Réel
UK Premiere
Sheffield Docs/Fest
In Competition, Croatia Premiere
Diversions International Short Film Festival
In Competition, France Premiere
Jean Rouch International Film Festival


David Darmadi
David Darmadi
Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor
David Darmadi is a filmmaker currently based in Sumatera. His work has screened at international festivals such as Europe On Screen, (Digital Native Exhibition) Aarhus Kunstbygning Center Denmark, Documentary Film Festival Jogjakarta, OK.Video FLESH 5th Jakarta Internasional Video Festival, Images Festival 24th Toronto Canada, ReelOzInd Australia–Indonesia Short Film Competition and Festival, ARKIPEL – social/kapital 4th – Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival.
Lidia Afrilita
Lidia Afrilita
Director, Producer
Lidia Afrilita is a documentary, language, and education enthusiast. Her first documentary Padang In Carniva is a short film about decorative public transportation in Padang, West Sumatera. It was screened at several local film festivals in Indonesia, and Umakart Gallery at Czech Republic in 2010. She currently runs a learning center in rural area in Jambi and helps manage the Ingatan Visual initiative project, documenting the daily life of people in West Sumatera.
Arief Hidayatullah
Arief Hidayatullah
Sound Recordist
Arief is a freelance sound recordist and music director based in West Sumatera. His notable works include: Rekam Jejak Perusahaan Tambang Batubara Ombilin, Payakumbuh The City of Rendang, and Diary of Cattle. He also produced compilation of Ethnical Music in collaboration with Ingatan Visual. He actively creates and promotes traditional music as part of Minangkabau Silek Retreat foundation. Arief is one of the co-founders of Kamidatefumi, an audio-visual and handcraft creative community based in Pasaman Barat.
Nanda K.
Nanda Kurniawan
Production Assistant, Boom Operator
Nanda Kurniawan known as Kawe, was born in Payakumbuh. Currently he is studying Law at Andalas University, and there he developed his fond of documentary. Nanda helps managing Stugram_ , an art community at his university. In addition to Diary of Cattle, he also involved in ‘Kampuang Ramadhan’ as lighting tech.

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