Communities Updates March 2021

This column is dedicated to our film communities across Southeast Asia. Any organizations, communities or individuals wanting to update their activities, programs or achievements. Message us through or through our social media to get featured in our upcoming newsletter. 

Inviting Supports for Film Ta-Thung

Director Ismail Fahmi Lubis and 2ID invite us to support their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The campaign aims to raise funds to continue developing and filming the film Ta-Thung in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Ta-Thung captures a unique story of the generational issues of a family of shamans. The director, Ismail, has been intensely invested in developing intimate relationships with his characters over time. They expect that this story will be evolving throughout 2021, therefore they wish to continue the shooting and do not want to miss capturing the story during special moments.

Ta-Thung was initially pitched as The Ghost Visitants in Docs by The Sea 2017. 

Reach their Facebook Page to follow their journey and those interested to help can go to Indiegogo crowdfunding page here.

Virtual Cinema Kinosaurus

While the end of the pandemic is nowhere to be seen, why not plan to watch more films at home? Kinosaurus can be the next favorite Virtual Cinema. Here, films are curated to reflect various cinematic cultures in different forms, languages, and stories. A brainchild of Kinosaurus, which has been a part of visual culture in Jakarta, Kinosaurus Virtual Cinema is present in the form of online micro cinema. This virtual cinema is an effort to support the continuity of works for filmmakers and visual culture through strengthening collective economy. To watch the films, you need to get a kinopass first, and all you need to do is to donate Rp. 50.000. Pass holders can watch any program available on the platform of Kinosaurus Virtual Cinema, as long as this program lasts. The link and the code to watch the film will be sent within 1×24 hours. Read more here.


Help the Children Born in Prison Get Better Lives! 

Lamtiar Simorangkir and the film community of Lam Horas Film invites you to support their outreach activities to raise public awareness about the issues promoted by the film Invisible Hopes. This film tells the story of children who are born in the jail. Started by feeling emphatic to children born in a jail who do not get their rights like any other children, Lamtiar initially wanted to record their stories and produced short film with one of his colleague who was a cinematographer. The further he got involved, he realized that this film could become the tool to bring change and provide a better condition for all mothers and children who are now in prison.

As a start, his team organized a limited release which was attended by policymakers. According to, the limited release took place in Studio 1 XXI Plaza Senayan in comply with strict COVID-19 protocol. Around 30 invitees from Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Child Protection Commission, Indonesia’s NHRI and Ombudsman attended this event, which was held on 19 February 2021. It is expected that the attendees can give policy recommendations for a better condition for those invisible children who are now living in the prison.

Follow this link to donate