Balek ke Jambi

Anggun Pradesha
24 minutes


After ran away for eight years, Anggun, decides to return home to seek acceptance from her father in Jambi, her hometown

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Project Background

Instead of being a safe and comfortable place, home often becomes the first place where transgender women experience rejection. Eventually, many transgender women choose to leave their homes and start anew, even with minimal resources. This decision frequently jeopardizes their economic well-being, mental health, and safety. Amid vulnerability to violence and social stigma, family acceptance becomes a yearning. Acknowledging and accepting transgender individuals within their families is an essential initial step toward a higher quality and more sustainable life for transgender women.

However, this remains a long and challenging struggle. In the film BALEK DARI JAMBI, Anggun (30) returns home and reunites with her father after eight years. Despite agreeing to meet, Anggun realizes that her father needs time to overcome the awkwardness and accept her. Strategically, Anggun also gathers support from her mother, friends, and her former schoolteacher while working to rebuild her relationship with her father.

Transgender family forums have recently emerged but are not yet sustainable and are mainly concentrated in major Java cities. Through the impact distribution of the film BALEK KE JAMBI, we aim to encourage the development of family forums called Rumah Dialog (Home of Dialogue) outside Java.

Impact Goal
We aim to improve the quality of life for transgender women aged 18 and above through:

Rumah Dialog

in Riau, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Jambi, Lampung, South Sulawesi, and South Kalimantan. We hope that parents and families of transgender women are willing to accept their children entirely and then create a safe space together.

Impact Distribution Strategy

Over one year, Rumah Dialog will facilitate meetings between 7 transgender women and their family members through three stages of activities (Screening Space, Release Space, and Picnic Space) with the hope of:

  1. Transgender Women
    Strengthening each other.
  2. Within Family Members
    Finding a middle ground and understand each other’s internal conflicts.
  3. Fellow Parents of Transgender Women
    Finding space to share stories.
  4. Every Family
    Becoming a sustainable support system for one another.


Anggun Pradesha
Nia Dinata
Brahmantyo Putra
Impact Producer
Jerell Michael Cussoy
Impact Producer
Dinda Anggun
Impact Producer

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