Cultivating a culture of
openness through Documentary Films.

What We Want

We want to create an audience that is open to many perspectives and open to change.

What We Do

We cultivate best documentary projects, connect them with potential partners and help them to expand their reach.

How We Do it

Check out our breakthrough programs and the impact they have created on Indonesian and Southeast Asian documentary film scene.

Our Belief

Documentary films have the power to spark conversations, to touch people’s hearts, to open minds and to enable change.


Workshop series, mentorship and grant that help Asian filmmakers to paint vibrant stories of young people in Asia; their dreams and the realities


Docs By The Sea

A fantastic platform that incubates best Southeast Asian documentaries and connect them with the international industry


Editing, storytelling, and creative producing labs to cultivate best Southeast Asian projects



Connecting documentary films to Indonesian classrooms



A Mentorship, grant and distribution initiative for short documentary films


A window to diverse artistic strategies


Screen Docs

Sparking conversations and actions through film screening programs and more

Five best Indonesian documentary projects are going to be presented to 300+ curated leading change makers at Good Pitch Indonesia 2019. Special foundations, NGOs, campaigners, academics, philanthropists, policymakers, brands, and individuals are invited to Good Pitch to consider meaningful contribution that can help selected films reach wider audience and create impact in the society. The [...] »
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

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