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A blind community finds life outside the darkness through technology and their love for sound, music, and life.


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The Philippines is number one in the world in the Call Center Industry or the voice-based services delivery.  The industry employs about a million people and contributes some 8 percent to the country’s GDP.

Thankfully the industry has included and employed some of the visually impaired in this sunrise industry. This is a big feat for the blind community, proving they can qualify for mainstream employment. They are used to having limited job opportunities.

The term “the blind leading the blind” rings true in this film where well-known blind transcriptionist Carol, blind since she was 9, trains her students Eugemar and Katchry how to listen to audio files and navigate their way around a standard computer keyboard.

Through their love for sound, colours and music, their strong spirit to survive,  resolve to live out loud, and  to adapt to rapid changes in technology, one realises that their lives are not lived in total darkness.

The film aims to inspire institutions to provide training for and mainstream jobs to the visually impaired, and to make these opportunities available nationwide. It also aspires to influence legislators who can improve support for the visually-impaired and tech visionaries who can connect the visually-improved to other platforms of technology.


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