Q&A Session with Co-Director and Co-Producer of 76 Days Documentary Film 

In-Docs will organize a Q&A session with co-director and co-producer of 76 Days, Hao Wu and Jean Tsien, moderated by Amelia Hapsari.

76 Days is a documentary film which shows a heartwarming story of the medical workers who work tirelessly and their humane connections with their patients. This story occurred during the early days of pandemic in Wuhan city, which is known as the epicentre of COVID-19 spread.

From a woman begging in vain to bid a final farewell to her father, a grandpa with dementia searching for his way home, a couple anxious to meet their newborn, to a nurse determined to return personal items to families of the deceased, over the next 93 minutes, the audiences will witness raw and intimate stories of how a city undergoes a death and rebirth under a 76-day lockdown.

The film gains a massive international attention not only because it describes detailed of situation from the epicentre of the pandemic, but also because it captures the essences of humanity and human resilience that persists in times of profound tragedy, which are currently still experienced by people in all around the world. 76 Days is the only documentary film from Asia that is enlisted as shortlist in Oscar.

The film is co-directed by technology executive-turned-filmmaker Hao Wu, and co-produced by Jean Tsien, a veteran documentary editor, executive producer, and consultant. The film production also involved several filmmakers and journalists in Wuhan City and China, who spent extraordinary time wandering around hospitals and residences in Wuhan City to capture the heartfelt stories of its residents.

Prior the Q&A session, Asian filmmakers and journalists are invited to watch the film screening online.

The Q&A session is scheduled on Friday, 5 March 2021 at 20.00 – 21.00. It will discuss about the incredible works of medical workers who sacrifice their wellbeing to save lives, and their human spirits that is unbeatable by the pandemic. Those interested can register here.